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Our platform allows you to promote and attract investors. To do this, place your tokens in the advertising block.
Use our LZC tokens to pay.
Our platform allows you to advertise and attract investors by placing advertising banners. To do this, place your tokens in advertising blocks (400x100 on top and 300x200 in the middle).
Use our LZC tokens to pay.
VOTE acquired!
  • Our only platform allows users to purchase purchased VOTEs and use them to vote, thereby promoting their favorite coins in the rankings.
  • Each user can buy 1000 VOTE, per month. You can buy VOTE in your personal cabinet for our LZC tokens.
  • Thanks to our strategic solutions, every promoter, Influencer, advertiser, coin or project owner can increase the number of votes, increase the rating and use this feature to earn money by offering intermediary services.
  • On our only site in the world there is no moderation, and all advertising materials do not require verification, that is, there is no loss of time and waiting.
  • Our prices for advertising services on the platform are reasonable and lower than our competitors.
Note: Despite the lack of moderation, we will remove ads without refund if they violate the law, call for extremism, terrorism, parnography, contain information about violence or support Nazis in Ukraine.
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