Bay / Withdraw - LZC

tokens are scarce
  • Our platform gives you the opportunity to buy LZC tokens for BNB coins from your personal account.
  • For this you need to have a wallet with BNB on the balance.
  • Select the number of LZC tokens, make a payment by confirming it in your wallet, and then your balance will be credited with LZC tokens.
  • The received LZC tokens you can withdraw to your wallet (output limit: 2 LZC maximum 1000 LZC).
  • You can use the LZC tokens you receive to pay for services, promotions and advertising banners.
  • Buy votes (limit 1000 votes per month).
  • You can also use LZC tokens in Surfing, Betting, Hippodrome, LaunchPad......
  • You can also store LZC tokens on the platform, on your wallets, trade, send, etc.
Withdraw LZC