it's easy to invest
InvestBox is a kind of deposit of various coins with interest.
The user gives an n-th amount to the deposit, interest is accrued on it under different conditions, and then the user gets his deposit back + interest.
The investor can withdraw the money and withdraw it at the end of the investment period.
Information about LizaCoin InvestBox:
  • minimum deposit 50 LZC,
  • maximum deposit 500 LZC,
  • total available 50 places (1 investor, 1 deposit),
  • 0.030% daily,
  • Investment terms: minimum 30, maximum 365 days.
Terms of InvestBox service will be provided later.
Additionally investment services will be provided for other project owners (partners).
Together with the CEO we revised the concept and excluded pharming from the plans for the development of the project, as pharming is more common and it is enough to use any third-party platform. What cannot be said about the old and clear InvestBox.

The service will be ready soon.