LaunchBar Getting Started - CEO

LaunchBar WEB 3.0 multi cryptocurrency listing and voting platform - research, find and vote for the next growing cryptocurrencies. Track the latest NFT, Meme, Defi, GameFi and other cryptocurrency communities.
We created an interface that provides access to easy-to-understand data analysis on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, Arbitrum and Solana decentralized protocols so that traders and investors can make the best trading decisions in real time!
Getting Help & Finding Answers
When using LaunchBar, you may find yourself coming across some questions, and we hope to be able to answer them all in this documentation. We suggest looking for the relevant section on the left or using the search bar to answer your questions; you will most likely find your answer the fastest that way.
Below is an overview of some key sections in the help documentation:
  • Connect your Wallet - Quick Guides on how to connect your wallet and work with basic features such as adding your token information, buying LZC token and votes, promoting coins and placing banners, getting an affiliate link, etc.
  • Wallets, Security & More - Everything related to using your Wallet on LaunchBar, token approvals, signature requests, security & more.​
  • Swapping Tokens - In-depth information about how swapping Tokens on DexGuru works under the hood.​
  • Information about the LZC token - The project's internal token, which is used on the multiplatform as a payment tool and not only.
  • Features - Token Listirg, platform services provided and prices. Personal account, available marketing options and possible earnings.
  • Supported Chains & Supported DEXs - All circuits that are currently supported.
  • Additional Information - Other necessary information.
If you still can't find what you're looking for in the reference documentation here, feel free to ask the project team!
Official LaunchBar Links
Always check your URL to ensure you use the official LaunchBar platform and related websites. Below is a list of all the current official related links we have: