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Integrated artificial intelligence tools
The CEO has decided to move to an easier mode of work. Workers need to move into the future and rely on artificial intelligence technology to make life in the workplace easier.
What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence uses computers and machines to mimic the human mind's ability to solve problems and make decisions. It can be anything from rephrasing a sentence to creating an image that you struggle to represent graphically.
How is the CEO going to integrate AI? What's the biggest challenge employees face today? Decision-making. Artificial intelligence technology will allow employees to easily make informed but profitable trading decisions. LZCBot will be a trading tool where fully automated trading skills will play out and employees can take a step back and focus on fun and enjoyment.
LZCBot will have more details.
LZCBot and the AppStore and GooglePlay apps are planned as part of PawMap's Phase 3 completion.