LizaCoin & LaunchBar



Total issue of 100,000 LZC

  • Public sale - 55,000 (55%) - BLOCK from 90 to 222 DAYS
  • AirDrop - 5,000 (5%)
  • Marketing - 12,000 (12%)
  • DEV & Team - 5,000 (5%)
  • CEX listing - 8,000 (8%)
  • Metaprogram - 5,000 (5%)
  • Operating Costs - 5,000 (5%) USED ON REQUIREMENTS
  • LaunchBar Bolance -5,000 (5%)
  • Buy Tax: 0%, Sell Tax: 0%
  • Token issuance burning and modification, no provision
In connection with the launch of the LaunchBar WEB 3.0 platform, the CEO decided to put 5,000 LZC (Private sale), on the balance of the platform.
Thus, LZC tokens are now available for purchase (BSC network commission).
For the withdrawal of LZC tokens to a wallet, or use on the platform, there is no commission.
LizaCoin (BEP-20) is a Binance Smart Chain token standard that extends token functionality by allowing you to transfer your tokens between different blockchains, apply in marketing to attract new investors and project members, pay for services, receive a bonus and win from the game prize pool (game betting), and other financial transactions.
The ability to wait is important for an investor, but many people just can't stand waiting. If you can't put off the pleasure for later, you will have to work very hard to overcome this disadvantage.