LaunchBar WEB 3.0

about platform
LaunchBar is a WEB 3.0 platform (with marketing) with market function for Influencers, promoters, and can also be used by any user, project and coin owner, investor, holder, etc.
A radically decentralized ecosystem, suitable for any brand and automating its advertising campaigns in minutes. Profitable in price, profitable in time. A user-friendly personal account.
LaunchBar WEB 3.0 interface allows you to run fully automated ad campaigns using AI, machine learning and blockchain - technology, without modoation, as well as listing and voting cryptocurrencies - explore, find growing cryptocurrencies. Track the latest NFT, MEME, DEFI, GameFi and other coins.
0️⃣ Affiliate (referral)
1️⃣ Add Coins & Voting (free)
2️⃣ Swap
3️⃣ PreSale
4️⃣ Airdrop (free)
5️⃣ Staking
6️⃣ Surfing
7️⃣ Video Views
8️⃣ Hippodrome
LaunchBar WEB 3.0 platform takes a little time to create, but the platform is already 25% functional and can already be used.
LaunchBar WEB 3.0 platform can be used by any member of the crypto community, it can be Influencers, promoters, advertisers, project owners, investors and holders, coin collectors, etc. There are no restrictions, everyone has the right to choose the functionality of the platform for their needs.
The platform is fully automated and requires no moderation. Thanks to this development, any participant will be able to instantly advertise banners or coins.
The platform has its own balance with LZC tokens, which is reflected in the personal account of the participant.
There is an opportunity for participants to buy LZC tokens at a fixed price for BNB coins.
There is an opportunity for the community to use a referral link and receive on your balance tokens #LZC.
At the moment we are replenishing the balance of the platform in manual mode, who wants to replenish your balance, write to us. Platform developers will eliminate this shortcoming in the near future.
Programmers continue to work on the functionality of the platform, their plan is to launch Surfing, Staking, Hippodrome, real-time reflection of price adjustments of coins, connection of new wallets Trust Wallet, BitGet Wallet and WalletConnect ...
Also new coins will be added and it will be possible to buy a token not only for BNB, but it will also be possible to buy for BUST, USDT, USDC etc.
Changing the design of the platform and adaptation for cell phones, tablets will be produced after 100% launch of the platform functionality.
The platform was created from scratch and is built on code that is hidden on Github. As you understand, further development of the platform will take some time. However, you can invest now. We will make an announcement about the upcoming IDO/IEO (Launchpad). Don't miss your chance to become an investor of a promising project. There is no such project in the world yet.
Another advantage over other marketing companies is low prices. Our prices and services can always be viewed here: https://launchbar.pro/services
If there are bugs or bugs in the functionality of the platform, write to us, we will send information to programmers to fix them.