Stake $LZC to maximize your profit opportunities...

What is staking?

Staking offers $LZC holders a way to allocate their digital assets to operate in order to maintain blockchain transactions. In return for staking tokens, token holders receive certain rewards without actually selling the tokens. In real world transactions, one can compare staking to putting finances in a savings account. This way, money is typically lent out to others, which is not the case with staking tokens. Normally, fiat lenders can get a certain part of the interest gained from lending – albeit a very, very small portion. Staking with Liza helps to get maximum ROI and control your tokens more conveniently.

Staking requires fewer resources.

Compared to crypto mining, staking is much more resource-efficient, which should help you have a better sleep at night.


You have complete control of your tokens, and you are able to start or stop staking whatever you need.

More energy-efficient.

Compared to mining, staking consumes much less energy; as a result, the environmental effect is substantially reduced.

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